Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness?

Facebook, why am I the last to hear about this:

"In terms of happiness, sex is better than money, and having sex once a week instead of once a month is the "happiness equivalent" of an extra $50,000 a year."

And why did I not hear of it from you?

I heard tell of it from Benjamin Jackson's talk at Ignite NYC 15.

Intriguing.  I would like to see the study that this observation comes from.  I am sure there must be caveats to this conclusion.

I cannot help but assume that earning an extra $50,000 would make a person a lot happier.  But having never earned an extra $50,000 I can only imagine.  I can only hope that this was a part of the experiment/study.  In reading about this, my first question is about how happy the money makes you as opposed to the sex.  Then again, it might explain why I look back fondly on my grad school years despite the pittance that I was making back then.

The "intimate lifestyle product designer" (I heart this euphemism) Lelo created a poster in the same vein on the beneficial-ness of getting it on:

Although one would think that the pleasure gained would be enough in itself and other justifications or reinforcements would not be necessary or surprising.

Seeing these two pieces a week or two ago might have affected a decision made this past weekend.

The counter balance to all this sex and happiness is stumbling on an article in the New Yorker entitled: "The Rise of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea."  New York Magazine not mincing words summarized the story: "Super Gonorrhea Here to Ruin Blow Jobs Forever"

Plus, it's probably not enough to have more sex.  It probably also needs to be good sex.

So if you decide to pursue happiness, do it respectfully, lovingly, safely, and with gusto, Kids.


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