Monday, September 28, 2009

I am no promoter

I sent an email out to a bunch of people inviting them to come out on a Wednesday without telling them the occasion. (Which is the day before my birthday.)

Naturally, I am getting any number of excuses and not much of a groundswell for it.

Which just goes to show what a lousy promoter/marketer I am.

Which is, in fact, fine by me.

As I sit here and think about this, I am reminded of one of RD's classes in which he said something to the effect that more and more marketing needs to be done by nontraditional means. The important thing is reaching the audience, not the medium used to do it. He came up with the example of reaching out to horror movie fans at the right kind of rock show. What if you could persuade Marilyn Manson to mention your movie during his set ... "Hey you assholes. You need to check out Hellraiser 24 when it comes out next week."

I suppose this generally only works with adolescents, who tend to think that name calling, a bad attitude and a derisive tone of voice = cool. And I am not sure that this is the kind of thing that Marilyn Manson would ever say. But today I keep revisiting the "Hey you assholes" marketing strategy and day dreaming about what the response rate would have been to an email that read:

"Hey you assholes, it's my F**kin' birthday. I am one step closer to Corpsville so come out and have a G*dd*mn drink with me."

I think my entire circle of acquaintance has gotten to the age where that sh*t just does not fly. But I am still quite taken with the very thought of it.


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