Thursday, January 10, 2008

movie madness (potential spoilers ahead)

1. VR and I met up and saw "The Orphanage" a scary movie en EspaƱol last weekend. 'twas good. I don't know if the next part is a spoiler or not. I'd advise you to stop reading if you haven't seen the thing.

What I liked the most about the movie is there are at least two explanations for what is going on. One in which you "believe." One in which you do not. And they are both scary. For me the explanation in which you don't believe, the one that you reason out in flashback along with the mother is so much more horrifying. As I type this I am getting distressed. I may never walk into a closet again.

2. On New Year's Day CK and I met up with WC and saw "Sweeney Todd." Which was a whole lot of dark and a whole lot of blood. And probably the best movie musical that I have ever seen. And I love musicals. It's not a warm movie. At any given moment I felt a little bit of sympathy for one or another character but for the most part they are so unsavory and corrupted that I was not on anyone's side, except for the boy. WC was disappointed that there was not breakout hit. For my part, the song "Joanna" was stuck in my head and I think in CK's as well. The song chased all the others out of my head. But last night EH pointed out the song "Not While I'm Around." A song which in the context of the story is touching, heartbreaking, frightening, and so unfortunate.


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