Saturday, July 28, 2007


I just got home about 3am. I have been trying to get home since midnight.

Fucking trains. Every one that I took was using some weird alternate route. I transferred 6 times to get home. My hero was the MTA conductor on the A train taking an alternate route over a stretch of the F line. Were it not for him I would have sat at that god foresaken, or should I say F forsaken stop all weekend.

This after going to a super popular trendy joint for a friend's 23rd birthday. Reservation for a party of 15. The restaurant refuses to seat a party unless everyone is there. An hour after the reservation time eight of us were there. One had to leave before the waiter came to the table. And then five more people showed up. Twelve people were crammed around two tables that barely seat 4 a piece.

On the plus side the place was relatively inexpensive - and everyone chipped in well enough that we covered the tab with no disputes and no one feeling sore about paying in too much. A rarity with groups of more than 5 who don't all know each other really well. This party somehow managed to avoid the free rider problem. Which is pretty amazing and says a lot for my friend and the kinds of people that she is friends with.

If you put tofu in your curry I think it would help to season and lightly sautee the cubes first or at least steep them in the curry sauce. Bleah.

Y'know, I can't really tell you what I have done lately that was as fun as blogging or reading the new Harry Potter book.

Seems like I do all kinds of stuff all the time but it's quantity not quality. Gotta work out how to flip that.


At 9:10 AM, July 28, 2007, Anonymous sunjunkie said...

Ah, the joys of public transportation. I remember the days of summer breakdowns, smelly strangers grinding against me, trains that showed up 20 minutes late - too full to squeeze in one more sardine. Still, there are worse things. My options now are drive or stay home. I hate driving. Lucky for me I love home.

But THREE HOURS to get home??? Yeah, that'd bring out the conspiracy theorist in anyone.

At 4:03 AM, August 01, 2007, Blogger Lever said...

My wait of 9 minutes whilst they linked another carriage to ours the other day and then just randomly waited is nothing compared to your 3 hour journey... at least I was up to London in just 50 mins total... :)


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