Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a little dab'll have to do

Today in yoga C said: "The path of least resistance is a common direction for life to take. Nothing wrong with that. But the path of least resistance is not the path of growth."

My first yoga class in a very long time. *ooof*

I am missing the yoga teachers I had in the Lou. I miss their fluidity, their sense of humor, their heartiness, their midwestern tranquility, and the gentle imagery and spiritual poetry of their instruction.

La, P, M, J, C, Lu, but most of all I miss JT. If you are interested in a spot of yoga in the Lou consider checking out: Dogtown Yoga or St. Louis Yoga Source and if you prefer a more vigorous kind of yoga YogaDoc has sweaty good ashtanga classes where you will be surrounded by friendly happy people.

Two days ago someone told me that my deeply beloved St. Lou has suffered terribly from bad storms. There is no power, riot and murder in the streets and a declaration of Martial law. I have tried calling my parents for three days now and get no answer. Should I worry? I'll keep calling for a bit and see.

There was this other time when they did not realize that their phone service was out. I actually faxed them a letter on the other phone line:
"Dear Mom and Dad, you don't pick up the phone when I call. Are you okay?"
which gave them the heads up. Unfortunately they do not have a separate fax line anymore.

After an absence of internets at home I am staying up and bingeing on beloved blogs trying to catch up. Sooo much has happened in the past couple months. I have missed it all and am still playing catch up.

But I should be sleeping. The work world requires alertness at the worst times of the day. And as it is required we try to conform. On my very first day at Big Scienceville (TM) I became a coffee drinker. I would not make it through the day without it.

I cracked a joke on my first day about writing about the internal workings of Big Scienceville(TM) on my blog. My boss was excessively not amused. And then my roomate (also a blogger) sends me a link to the BBC article about getting dooced *shiver*

There is so much more I want to say but I am supposed to get up in 5 hours,, get ready, get on the @ train switch to the % train and put in a full looking day at BS(TM). The boss will be back and I will offer up my services towards the less glamorous kind of work that folks in the department feel needs to really get done. =P


At 4:16 PM, July 25, 2006, Blogger ldbug said...

Ahh, so this is what you were doing last night;) I didn't realize you stayed up so late! Need to keep your energy up for running with your roomie and for yoga!

At 1:01 AM, July 26, 2006, Blogger searchingforMrDarcy said...

I had no idea St. loius was without power. Hope your parents are OK. If they only have a cordless phone you wouldn't be able to get through.


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